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Top 4 Reasons Why Teenagers Smoke

The number of teenage smokers is increasing. In fact, people start smoking at this age and ends up getting into the habit of smoking. Many of them become addicted. Here are four reasons why teenagers smoke.

Their parents or relative smoke

If the parents or a relative in the house smokes, then they influence the teens to smoke as well. The teenagers look up to you to learn what is ‘mature’ as they will soon become adults. Seeing adults smoke, they learn that it is normal for adults to smoke and the adults smoke to reduce stress.

Pressure from friends

Most of the teens smoke seeing their friends smoke in schools or playgrounds. Many teenagers smoke to fit into the group. The peer pressure influences them to smoke. They think that smoking creates a social identity and they will miss out something if they don’t smoke.

To show independence

The teenagers go through a period when they need to show independence. It is very normal for the teens to feel that way. So, they smoke to show that they are independent.

Tobacco advertisements

The tobacco advertisements send a message that smoking is cool. Even movies and TV shows promote tobacco advertisements. Teenagers see these ads and get encouraged to smoke.

It is very alarming when teenagers start to smoke. Smoking is very dangerous for health. The parents should be aware whether their teenage children are smoking or not. Otherwise, they will have very adverse effect on the body.