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5 Myths About Smoking That You Should Know About

It is very tough to give up smoking. You have to go through a very bumpy journey when you decide to quit smoking. You will hear lots of information about it, some are true, and some are not. Here are five myths about smoking that you should know about.

1. Giving up smoking the end of the pregnancy period doesn’t make any difference.

Though it’s true that the sooner you quit is better, even if you quit towards the end of your pregnancy period, you will have lots of advantages. You will reduce the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, and you will have a healthier baby.

2. Smoking reduces your stress level.

Smoking causes more stress. If you are a smoker, you feel the need to smoke as your nicotine level drops. This causes withdrawal symptoms like feeling irritated. This irritation is often confused for stress.

3. If you smoke near a window or door, the smoke won’t affect your baby

Most of the cigarette smoke is invisible. It is dangerous if anyone near you smokes. So, no matter whether you are smoking near a window or door, if you have a baby at home, he or she will be affected.

4. Smoking menthol has less adverse effect on health.

Smoking Menthols and smoking a pack of cigarettes is same. The minty flavor in menthol gives you less irritation on the throat, and so people cough less when they smoke menthol.

5. If you smoke only socially then, you won’t get addicted.

Even if you smoke a few cigarettes when you are with other people who are smoking, it can be risky for your health. It can affect your lungs, and you can get addicted to smoking as well.

All these are myths about smoking. You should remember that smoking is bad for your health. So, you should try to quit smoking as soon as possible.